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The friendly staff at Advacare Inc.Hello everyone.  In response to the latest Google update, we took this opportunity to update the website and increase our mobile friendliness to better help our clients and provide the best possible experience when considering PAP, APAP & Bi-PAP Machines, Masks, Accessories & Supplies.

We welcome your feedback and hope the new website makes it easier for you to locate the services and products you require.

Advacare Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company, specializing in the provision of respiratory therapy products and services to people with breathing afflictions. Since 2005, our primary focus has been on delivering CPAP therapy products and services to those diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and other sleep related breathing disorders.

If you suspect that you have sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder, you should speak with your family physician. Your family physician will refer you to a sleep specialist who will most likely order a sleep study (polysomnogram) in a sleep lab. During a sleep study, your sleep will be monitored by sleep technologists. Some of the parameters recorded during the study are brainwaves, muscle tone, breathing efforts, the heart beat, body position, blood oxygen level and air flow at the nose and the mouth. All of this information will be interpreted by the sleep specialist and who will notify you of the findings. If the diagnosis of a sleep disorder is made, you will be advised by the sleep specialist of the available therapeutic options.