Reopening of Ontario CPAP Locations to In-Person Appointments

With the implementation of protocols to ensure the safety of both our clients as well as our employees, we are proud to announce the reopening of our Ontario locations to in-person appointments.

We have taken the necessary steps to protect all individuals that enter our premises by implementing social distancing, contact and droplet precautions. Our protocols include but are not limited to:

  • COVID-19 screening via questionnaire. Clients will be questioned and screened for COVID-19 both at the time of their appointment booking as well as when they arrive on premises.
  • Ensuring social distancing. This will be accomplished by limiting the number of people in each location and by means of social distancing markers and client flow pathways.
  • Mandatory in-office use of PPE by clients and employees. Anyone entering the premises will be required to don a surgical mask. In addition, employees will be required to use gloves as well as protective eyewear.
  • Enhanced disinfection procedures. Between clients, consultation rooms, reception areas and common areas will be thoroughly disinfected.

Please note, in addition to in-person appointments, we will continue to offer virtual care to all clients preferring this method of service.

We thank you for your continued support.

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